Change Initiatives

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Organizational changes are normally quite complex and unpredictable processes. In many cases change initiatives are managed as projects. A high level of complexity in combination with ambitious milestones and limited resources does result in many occasions in neglecting critical success factors.

As a consequence key change initiatives are often not successful, the expected change does not happen or the objectives are not achieved on time or in full.

Based on our consulting experience of more than two decades it is quite evident that characteristical change dimensions like objectives, stakeholder, triggers and risks are essential for understanding, designing and executing successful change initiatives.



Establishing internal Change Consultants

  • Strategic alignment of the internal Change Organization
  • Modular, interdisciplinary Qualification of Change Consultants
  • Support in structuring and prioritizing of key change initiatives
  • Consulting and Coaching of success-critical situations

Strategic positioning of HR in Change Initiatives

  • Proactive involvement of HR function increases the success rate of change initiatives
  • Change Management as an active element of Talent Management
  • Change Management skill as a leadership skill
  • Design and supervision of communication campaigns along a change initiative

Change Readiness Analysis

  • Analysis and determination of the change readiness index in the organization 
  • Stakeholder analysis for change initiatives
  • Evaluating relevant risks and initiation of preventive or countermeasures to manage risks for the change
  • Design and implementation of a KPI-based change controlling system

Change Communication

  • Attributes of a professional change communication
  • Communication flow analysis and selection of appropriate tools
  • Moderation of key meetings and events during a change process
  • Supportive coaching of key players in the communication process