Lean Transformation

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"Everything which does not serve for the creation of value is waste." (Henry Ford)
"Everything which does not serve for the creation of value is waste." (Henry Ford)

Lean Management - since many years a classical management approach, if an organization strives for efficiency increase and lean processes. Optimized inventories, tact times and set-up times are important for a lean enterprise but critical for the sustainable embedding of lean principles in the organization are appropriate leadership skills, empowered employees and the continuous search for improvement.  

Today one will find either a couple of initial lean initiatives, showing some limited efficiency increase only or one will find "historic" lean principles, which are not alive anymore.  

In such circumstances a "Lean-Reboost" can help to find a new lean strategy or to initiate a revitalization of the lean principles.



Lean Leadership

  • Integration of Lean Leadership principles in the existing leadership framework
  • Lean Leadership Check for managers
  • Coaching of key individuals managing the change
  • Roles & responsibilities of lean managers in shopfloor management

"Reboost" of Lean Culture

  • Assessment and SWOT analysis of existing lean principles and methodology
  • Lessons-Learned and review/adjustment of Lean vision
  • Senior Management workshop to achieve common understanding of lean vision and commitment  
  • Embedding of Lean initiatives in the corporate strategy and business plans

Lean processes in
Administration a
nd Development

  • Quick-Check of existing business processes
  • Focussing on internal customers and suppliers 
  • Optimization of process-related functional interfaces along the value stream using interdisciplinary workshops 
  • Design and coaching of CI workshops to improve processes continuously

Lean Multiplicators & Change Agents -

Key functions along a lean journey 

  • Design of organizational embedding
  • Identification of suitable Lean multiplicators
  • Module-based, interdisciplinary qualification program
  • Moderation of Best-Practice workshops