Project Organization

... professional ... results-oriented ... flexible                                                                                                                   

Successful projects are the exception - effective strategy deployment is limited and organizations are running behind the real business.

As a result, organizations, teams, leaders and employees are stressed and working sometimes beyond their personal limits. In such an environment static project management appears as an administrative overhead, providing not enough added value to the enterprise.


Lean, pragmatic, flexible and fast shall modern project management look like. This requires courage, competence and responsiveness in the interaction between project and line organization, between well known and unknown, between ambiguity and transparency as well as between various types of project members.

Sustainable project success is based a optimum interaction and synergy between methodology, behaviour and clear result orientation. Project leaders lacking leadership competency or leadership motivation, poor team communicators or a poor customer orientation are key disaster factors for projects.

A professional, integrated coaching approach for these success factors ensures the quality of the project outcome as well as the stakeholder satisfaction.


Implementation and Optimization of

Project Organizations

Implementing state-of-the-art project management  – using clear priorities and objectives, efficient structures, flexible management, motivated teams and improved results. Qualification of project members and management commitment. 


Project Review

An important project is at risk? We support project organizations in analyzing risks and implementing counter measures. We give constructive feedback and foster the team engagement. 



Development of project leaders, pragmatic and customized: Trainings, workshops, peer groups, coaching. Same understanding, effective methods and leadership skills applied, clear roles and responsibilities, resulting in better collaboration and improved results.

Interaction with functional and process organization

Key corporate functions are often involved to late. We support project leaders and teams to contact the right functions and process owners at the right time with the right information. Collaboration and communication between project, process and line organization is significantly enhanced. 


Focussed Project Coaching

We support planning and organization, leading and controlling of key projects as appropriate: Coaching of project leaders, project team development, moderation of critical meetings and workshops as well as managing change. 


Programme Management Office (PMO)

Design and commitment for a corporate standard. Workshop to commit on longterm, strategic targets as well as on the project organization. Qualification and supervision of programme managers, business coaching of key projects.