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High Potentials, Stars, Top Talents - Organizations are continuously searching for talents, who have the skills and motivation to take over key positions in the company in the short- and mid-term future. 

As soon as those talents are identified, it is the responsibility of the leaders and the organization to further develop the personal competencies of the talents in order to achieve an optimum fit to the job profile, which is required by the organization.  

Quite often substantial mistakes occur right at the beginning of the talent identification process. For example, successful senior specialists have to participate in leadership development programs, although they don't want to manage and lead people. Furthermore, sometimes the senior management of an organization has no common understanding about the criteria to identify and develop top talents. 

Talent Definition





Career Paths

• How to you define talents in your organization?

• Which key competencies do your talents need to develop?

• What are the key retention factors for your talents?

• How to you harmonize career and succession planning?

• How to you identify „Top-Talents“?

• How is suitable for line, expert and project career paths?



  • Derivation of strategic corporate competencies from the vision
  • Scaling onto relevant levels of seniority and critical job categories 
  • Training and Coaching of
    HR Professionals & leaders
  • Integration in existing
    Performance- & Talent-Management systems

Integrated Succession & Career Planning 

  • Workshop to achieve a common understanding and management commitment 
  • Readiness-Check of existing systems
  • Execution of structured interviews & assessments 
  • Synchronisation of top talents career ambitions with the targets of the corporate talent and organizational development program

Internal Employer Branding

  • Analysis of company-specific employee retention factors 
  • Identify effective enablers/barriers to increase/decrease employee satisfaction 
  • Internal focussed marketing campaigns for different target groups 
  • Controlling of effectiveness with regard to the launched initiatives

Talent Assessment

  • Who is a talent in your organization?
  • Analysis of existing talent managements systems 
  • Design and Implementation of alternative career paths (project, expert, patchwork) 
  • Blended Assessment – state-of-the-art tools for potential assessment